I’m Bobbie Hosmer

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I spend hours a day networking with business owners across the country. One of my favorite jobs is connecting these business owners with one another when needs align.

Join my Rolodex, and you’ll get access to a subscriber’s only Facebook group for business owners like you to connect. Plus, I’ll keep an eye out for your business, seeking whatever you are seeking as I network with others. 

I’m a digital native with a passion for helping people solve problems.

I started my first blog more than a decade ago, primarily to keep my Grandma updated about my new life at college. I still remember the first day I logged into the ad portal and saw that I had made a quarter from people viewing my content. That was the day I decided to be a blogger, and I gave myself two months after I graduated to focus exclusively on my blog and see if I could really monetize it. 

That little blog about nothing in particular has since received more than 3 million page views and still earns me advertising revenue every month despite the fact that I have rarely updated it since my initial year of work. 

Since those early days, it has been my goal to constantly polish my skills and learn new things. I’ve moved beyond working solely on my own projects – though I certainly have a fair number of them that I invest time and passion into.  Now, my true passion is helping other companies find their own success. 

I am an adept learner with a varied background of experience. If you have a marketing, sales, design, or writing project that needs attention, chances are that I have handled something similar previously. If I have not, I’d love to take on the challenge at a reduced rate to expand my own skillset. 

My favorite clients are the ones who come to me with multiple needs. I love being able to help small business owners and solopreneurs fill in the gaps in their business. Why work with multiple freelancers and digital agencies when you can have one dedicated team member on call to assist with all of your digital and written needs?


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