So you want to decorate a co-worker’s office with Post-It Notes, and you want some tips to make it great. These tips for decorating with Post-It Notes will make your post-its prank faster and better. Read on to learn the top 5 tips for how to decorate an office with post-its.

5 tips for decorating with post-it notes | 5 tips for post-it note pranks
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Tips for Decorating an Office with Post-Its

Tip #1: Get a lot of people to help decorate the office with Post-its

The more people you have helping, the faster this process will go. Decorating an office with post-it notes is a tedious process. We had 3 people, and still couldn’t cover EVERYTHING in this office even though we spent about 2.5 hours working on it.

Tip #2: Get A LOT of Post-its to decorate the office

We used about 20 normal sized Post-It note pads. Depending on the area you are covering (and to what level of detail), you may need more or less. (This should be more than enough. Or if you want color options, try this)

Tip #3: Buy the name brand Post-its

I am a frugal living ninja, and I hardly ever purchase name brand products. When it comes to Post-Its, though, there is a HUGE difference in the sticking power of name brand Post-Its vs. the cheap knock-offs. We used a lot of tape to hold on the cheaper knockoffs, and would have saved a lot of time if we had just use the name brand ones.

Tip #4: Get a lot of colors OR go monochromatic

You don’t want to have only two colors to switch back and forth between because there won’t be much detail visually. Either go strictly one color for a monochrome look OR make sure to purchase enough colors to really show off the layers in your design.

Tip #5: Use tape for the details to decorate the office with Post-its

I don’t know about you, but I think the little vignette in my featured image is pretty great. A great Post-It decorated office is all about the details. Use tape, scissors, or whatever you need to make sure even the small things are covered (but still recognizable).

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